CARNAP is a next-generation knowledge platform for life sciences. We provide various semantic tools to enhance literature search, so researchers can quickly find evidence and gain additional insights from academic papers.

Concept Search

Build patterns, discover concepts and find evidence

You can get an overview commonly used medical concepts (MeSH©) in your search results. You may create semantic patterns by combining the concepts and find the matching patterns in contextualized sentences.

Relation Search (beta)

Explore semantic relations between concepts

You can explore the interactions between medical concepts, as in “what affects what”. Start with a concept, or two concepts, choose one of the actions and get the contextualized example sentences.

Keyword Search (beta)

Keyword search, select articles and build corpus

CARNAP provides a new experience to explore biomedical papers. Use your search queries to build a corpus of abstracts. You can create your corpus from MEDLINE(®) containing more than 30M biomedical citations.

Dashboard Search (upcoming)

Visualize literature

You can take a “picture” of your corpus to get an overview as well as to see the trends and patterns as a meta-data graph. You can download these pictures to include in your reports or presentations. These graphs display distributions and connections to reveal implicit relations and insights in the corpus.

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