our company

Funktor is on a mission to make text-based data easily analyzable. We developed a novel data structuring model to process natural language data into structured knowledge.

Our search and discovery platform CARNAP processes life sciences knowledge and extracts the semantic interactions between medical entities to enable accessing the content of the scientific papers. CARNAP aims to be the best companion in a researcher’s quest for scientific discovery.

Scientific knowledge is fast-growing, last year 1 million new articles is added to the biomedical knowledge databases. Search engines brings the information and ranks the most relevant ones to make the research work easier. But still the results contain thousands of articles waiting to be reviewed. Exploring all of them is very time-consuming or next to impossible. Checking only the first couple of pages of search results, on the other hand, is incomplete. Some improvements are possible in both searching and exploring the results.

our history

Laboratory for Computational Ontology

A multi-disciplinary laboratory where the foundations of our theoretical work laid.



We established our company to develop CARNAP


Qualified for KOSGEB Entrepreneur Support Programme

Alpha Release


TTGV HIT Programme

Accepted by HIT, a venture development program aims to contribute to new ventures secure their first market

COVID-19 Specific Release

Adopted the Covid-19 Open Research Dataset


CARNAP is featured on Turkey’s Covid-19 Data Portal Ranked in the top 20 in Coronathon, a Covid-19 hackathon, and qualified for financial support

Beta Release